McCook Humane Society’s ‘Clear the Shelters’ Campaign


The McCook Humane Society is actively participating in the ‘Clear the Shelters’ campaign, offering a special adoption deal for pets. As part of the campaign, all adoptable pets are available for a reduced adoption fee of $25. The shelter’s goal is to find loving homes for their animals, including Kramer, a friendly 2-year-old dog, and other cats and kittens like Clark and Honeycomb.

Campaign Details:

The ‘Clear the Shelters’ campaign offers an opportunity for families to adopt pets at a discounted rate. Kramer, a stray dog with a charming personality, is available for adoption at the shelter for $25. Despite his friendly nature, Kramer has yet to find a forever home. The shelter is overflowing with animals, and the reduced adoption fee is intended to encourage more adoptions and make room for new arrivals.

Challenges Faced by the Shelter:

The McCook Humane Society is currently facing challenges due to limited space for the animals. With only 16 kennels available for dogs and a limited number of spaces for cats and kittens, the shelter has had to create temporary cages to accommodate the surplus of animals. The shelter houses around 60 animals and is determined to find homes for each one.

Success Stories:

Clark, a grey tabby kitten, is another success story from the shelter. When he arrived, he weighed less than a pound and required extra care to thrive. Through the shelter’s efforts and care, Clark has grown into a playful and lively kitten. Honeycomb, a seven-month-old cat, also found her way to the shelter after being part of a group from a crowded house. She has received training and is ready to be a loving addition to a new family.

Shelter’s Mission:

The McCook Humane Society has been working to find forever homes for animals and create a positive impact on the community. The ‘Clear the Shelters’ campaign aligns with their mission of ensuring that all animals have a chance to be adopt and care for by loving families.


The ‘Clear the Shelters’ campaign by the McCook Humane Society is an opportunity for individuals and families to adopt pets at a reduced cost. With the support of the community, the shelter aims to find homes for all their animals, including Kramer, Clark, and Honeycomb. The campaign reflects the shelter’s dedication to animal welfare and their commitment to making a difference in the lives of pets and their future owners.