Backward Bullying: Hair Hassles

Backward Bullying. So, here’s the deal—apparently, having short hair can lead to some serious drama. In South Korea, ladies sporting short hair risk facing attacks just because of their choice of hairstyle. But hey, it’s not just there. Even in Singapore, my daughter got labeled a tomboy and bullied for going short with her locks back in Secondary 1.

The Bully Battle

Those boys at her school didn’t hold back—they tagged her with the “tomboy” label and made her life tough. And guess what? It really hit her hard, making her whole depression situation worse. The school tried to tackle the issue with the bullies, but it got me thinking—man, are we living in the Stone Age?

Where’s the Common Sense?

It’s like we need a crash course in “common sense” because, honestly, it ain’t that common anymore. Seeing girls with short hair as tomboys and picking on them? That’s just not cool. How did we even end up in a place where being mean is seen as a power play?

Kindness Matters

But wait, there’s a silver lining. Remember that kid who got a shout-out for being a hero and holding an umbrella for bus passengers in the rain? Now that’s the kind of stuff that warms the heart. Kindness, my friends—that’s the real deal. Being kind and not causing hurt, whether it’s physical or mental, that’s the lesson we should all be learning.

Moving Forward, Not Backward

Look, society should be stepping forward, not taking a U-turn back to the Dark Ages. Let’s ditch the bullying and start embracing common sense and kindness. That’s the ticket to a better world, folks. Let’s spread some positivity instead of poking fun at someone’s hairstyle. After all, kindness never goes out of style.

Celebrating Self-Expression

Short hair or long hair, isn’t it all just about personal style? The way I see it, hairstyles are a part of self-expression. Whether someone prefers a pixie cut or flowing locks down to their waist, it’s their choice, their style, their identity. Why should anyone have a say in that?

Time for Change

You know what we need? A serious shake-up in thinking. It’s about time society catches up with the fact that different doesn’t mean wrong. We’re living in a world where uniqueness should be celebrated, not criticized. It’s sad that something as simple as a haircut can spark such negativity.

Breaking Stereotypes

Why should a girl with short hair automatically get labeled a tomboy? Isn’t that just putting people in boxes based on appearances? It’s like saying all guys with glasses are bookworms or anyone wearing black is brooding. These stereotypes need a one-way ticket out of here.

Learning to Accept

Teaching kindness and acceptance should be part of the curriculum. In a perfect world, we’d have a subject called “Be Awesome 101” or “Empathy and Understanding.” Kids would learn that being cool is not about putting others down but lifting them up. That a diverse, colorful world is a beautiful world.

A Bully-Free Zone

Bullying? That’s so last century. Instead of flexing power through meanness, how about showing strength through kindness? Maybe it’s time to redefine what’s cool. Being inclusive, accepting differences, and standing up for what’s right—that’s true power, don’t you think?

The Kindness Effect

Remember the student who held that umbrella? That simple act was like a spotlight on what’s good in people. It showed that one small gesture can make a world of difference. Imagine if more of us focused on spreading positivity like that.

Championing Change

Let’s champion a world where people can rock any hairstyle they want without facing ridicule. A world where individuality is not just accepted but celebrated. It’s about time we start moving forward with an attitude of acceptance, leaving the backward thinking in the rearview mirror. Because really, kindness never goes out of style.