Backward Bullying: Hair Hassles

Backward Bullying. So, here’s the deal—apparently, having short hair can lead to some serious drama. In South Korea, ladies sporting short hair risk facing attacks just because of their choice of hairstyle. But hey, it’s not just there. Even in Singapore, my daughter got labeled a tomboy and bullied for going short with her locks…

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Law Society

Singapore Law Society Issues Warning Against S.K. Kumar

The Singapore Law Society has issued a stern warning to the public, advising against engaging the services of S.K. Kumar Law Practice. This cautionary move comes in response to concerns about the practice’s conduct and professionalism. Concerns Raised The decision to issue a public warning stems from a series of concerns raised regarding the ethical…

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Joe McLead

Joe McLead of Sugar Valley Farm Elected Director

In a significant development for the equine industry, Joe McLead of Sugar Valley Farm has been elected as a director of The Hambletonian Society, Inc. This appointment underscores McLead’s dedication to advancing the world of harness racing and his commitment to contributing his expertise to the leadership of a prestigious organization. A New Director’s Vision…

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